Green Community

Green Community

As part of our drive to help homeowners save money and make their homes more energy efficient, SelseyWorks offers an outreach service to help the wider community of Selsey and Sidlesham ‘think and act greener’.

Working with partner organisations, community groups, employers and schools we are providing a range of activities, events and offers during 2017 and 2018 to promote initiatives, services and products which directly benefit individuals, companies and groups both financially and environmentally

As well as holding our own events, roadshows and drop in sessions, our advisors are available to attend external events or visit locations in Selsey and Sidlesham and provide advice and information.

Our Green Community project will:

Partner with local professionals to provide value for money green services

  • Solar/PV – Fixed price packages (subject to survey) for the purchase and installation of residential and commercial solar/PV panels
  • Smart Meters – Advice, assistance and guidance with having smart meters fitted
  • LED lighting – Promoting the benefits and savings of using LED lighting, including access to bulk purchasing for groups and individuals
  • Water saving devices – How to capture and reuse rain/grey water to reduce fresh water usage

For more details regarding these products and services please contact us today.

Re-educate the community regarding ‘green’ initiatives by

  • Making literature and information available at a range of outlets throughout Selsey and Sidlesham
  • Providing advice and information via social media and our website
  • Visit schools, community groups and businesses to provide educational workshops and talks
  • Attend key local events to provide outreach advice and information
  • Hold open energy workshops – giving residents opportunity to speak to multiple advisors, suppliers and product specialists

If you would like one of our qualified advisors to visit your event, group, school or business please contact us today.

SelseyWorks energy advice and Green Community project is kindly supported by a grant from Ferry Farm Community Solar.