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August 30, 2018Make hay while the sun shines!

The sun may be shining but winter is just around the corner.

Like most of the UK you probably haven given winter a thought, we’ve all been basking in an unprecedented heatwave and we can’t even contemplate putting away our shorts and flip flops for another year.

However now is the time to start thinking about your energy bills and the efficiency of your home BEFORE the biting winds of a UK winter hit us and with September just a day or so away don’t delay.

The average householder can save up to £300 per annum just by shopping around for their energy supply; however most of us dread the thought of such an activity – phone calls, paperwork, it all sounds too daunting.  However, don’t fret the team at SelseyWorks can help.

Thanks to the support of Ferry Farm Community Solar, we offer FREE independent energy advise and support every Thursday at our offices; the aim of the game is to keep pennies in your pocket and your home warm but efficient.

Either drop in to see our Energy Advisor or call 01243 605803 to make an appointment.

For further advice on keeping warm this winter visit:

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