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  • Keep an open mind, you may be surprised at the different types of roles you could do based on your skill set and personality.


  • Always read the advert carefully and give yourself a chance to understand the role as much as you can, look up the company if you’re unsure to find out more information, so you make an informed decision on whether to apply for the job not.


  • Give yourself dedicated time limits. When job searching it will get repetitive and a grind, so give yourself time limits to do job searching don’t think you have to be looking all day, as this will de-motivate you very quickly.  Also don’t job search late at night as you will be tired and you might not put yourself in the best light so please stop in the early evening at the latest.  YOU ARE ALLOWED TIME OFF  TO!!


  • INGNORE JOB TITLE’S. Some companies provide weird and wonderful job titles that only the company will understand so don’t be scared or go past the job because you don’t know what it might mean, open the job advert up and read it properly and look at the role description/responsibilities for more information because it could turn out you can do the job and can do it very well.


  • Don’t just rely searching online for jobs many employers still advertise in their window or on boards outside of the premises and in newspapers. Visit employers and hand in your CV because you never know what they might be looking for and this will make you stand out from the crowd make you memorable to the employer, this will also show your keen and dedicated/hard working.