Benefits for your Business

Many businesses shy away from taking on work experience candidates, without realizing how much they can benefit from the experience. Below are some of the reasons why you should consider signing up to our new Work Experience Programme. For more information about what’s involved, please visit our FAQ’s for Businesses page here.


New Recruitment Channels


  • Building links with local organisations such as Selsey Works can help attract local people into jobs, reducing your recruitment costs.
  • Reduce your turnover of new recruits by reducing the risk of employing people who do not understand the nature of the job.
  • Meeting and informally testing potential future recruits – the idea of ‘try before you buy’;
  • Make your business more attractive to potential new recruits. Local people are more likely to want to work for your business if they or their friends have had a good work experience placement with your company.

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Raise the profile of your Business


  • Enhancing your business image and reputation locally.
  • All local businesses that sign up to our scheme will be mentioned on our website and any Work Experience Programme-specific press releases from Selsey Works.
  • Raising awareness and helping your company to develop a positive image, not only with the person on work experience, but also their network of family and friends.
  • Contribute to your business’s corporate social responsibility policy. Participating in work related learning activities makes a positive contribution to the development of skills in the local labour pool and can promote diversity in your workforce.


New perspectives & fresh ideaslghtbulb


  • Work Experience candidates can offer fresh new ideas and perspectives to your business.
  • They may be able to help develop projects that your business needs, but that you have no time for.
  • Young people in particular are increasingly computer literate – often far more than the work forces of many existing businesses – and could therefore offer help and advice on technological matters.



Development of existing staff


  • Your business can use a work experience scheme to develop management skills for your existing staff;
  • Employees at your business have the opportunity to prepare and supervise work placements, gaining valuable experience which can help to improve their interpersonal skills and motivation in their own jobs. This in turn can improve staff retention.


To join our Work Experience Programme, or to find out any further information, please email, or alternatively give us a ring on (01243) 200975.