Budget Cooking

Budget Cooking – ‘The Scrag End’

Budget Cooking Ideas

This page is dedicated to sharing recipes from local people using left overs, cheap cuts of meat, foraged food or the best seasonal produce. The emphasis is about making good food from what’s around and food from ‘personal history’ providing you with a range of yummy cost effective meals for the whole family.

Budget cooking can be hard and does not normally conjure up an image of sumptuous banquets but with our recipes you can enjoy creating fun, filling and wholesome meals that don’t break the bank.

All of the recipes here are provided by local people. If you have a budget cooking recipe you wish to share, please email it through to info@selseyworks.co.uk. Ideally recipes should cost less than £1 per head and not require a full cupboard of herbs, spices and condiments!


Very cheap and simple to make, will serve 4, nice with veg

Download a recipe sheet here: Recipe – Red lentil cottage pie

Red Lentil Cottage Pie